UD Trucks in Australia

There is debate as to when UD trucks first in arrived in Australia as there had been limited imports bought in prior to the early seventies. In 1973 Nissan Diesel Motor Co Ltd established a partnership to market their trucks in Australia. UD Australia Pty Limited. The name later changed to UD Trucks (Oceania) Pty Ltd and the company was fully acquired by Nissan Diesel Motor Co Ltd in 2007.

Volvo acquired a majority stake in UD in 2007 and now  UD trucks are distributed in Australia by Volvo Group Australia Pty Limited.

From 2007 the “Nissan Diesel” was dropped from the name and the trucks were solely marketed under the UD name.

UD History


Nissan Diesel – UD History

The UD history begins in 1935 when it was founded by Kenzo Adachi as Nihon Diesel Industries in Saitama Japan. In 1936 the company began producing 2 stroke diesel engines under license from Krupp Junkers AG, a German company.

The company produced its first truck, the LD1 in 1939.

In 1942 the company is renamed Kanega-Fuchi Diesel Co Ltd and then renamed again in 1946 to Minsei Sangyo Co Ltd. In 1950 it is again renamed, this time to Minsei Diesel Industries Ltd.

The UD3, a three-cylinder 110 horsepower engine and the UD4 a 150 horsepower four- cylinder engine was released in January 1955 followed by a six-cylinder 230 horsepower engine, the UD6, which was released in June 1955. These engines incorporated a Uniflow scavenging system. The name UD comes from the name applied to these engines, the “Uniflow Diesel” engine.

Nissan Motor Co Ltd takes a shareholding in the company in 1953 and in 1960 the company is renamed Nissan Diesel Motor Co. Ltd.

The Nissan name comes from an abbreviation of Nihon Sangyo Co. (日産 )  the original name of Nissan Motor Co. Nihon Sangyo means Japan Industrial

The popular 6TW tandem drive and T80 single drive trucks are released in 1958. The T80 is exported to many countries around the world including Brazil, Spain and the Philippines. In 1964 the company begins production of crane carrier trucks.

Nissan Diesel further expands distribution worldwide, including 1973 in Australia, 1981 The Philippines,1984 USA, 1985 Pakistan, 1987 Thailand, 1995 South Africa and 1996 in Indonesia and China.

In 1999 Renault SA of France takes a shareholding in Nissan Diesel Motor Co Ltd.

AB Volvo takes a majority stake in the company in 2007.

The company name is changed to UD Trucks Corporation in 2010.